7 Ways to Use Instagram to Market Your School

In continuing our “Spring Webinar Series”, we announce the upcoming release of the FREE online presentation, “Using Instagram to Market Your School.”

Already in this webinar series is two previously released presentations:

  • 3 Reasons Your School Should be Marketing with Pinterest
  • Eliminating Chaos from Your School’s Marketing Strategy

In this third and final installment in our webinar series, you will learn (at a minimum) these 7 things:

  1. Why Instagram could be the missing link in reach your ideal target market
  2. How to creatively use your Instagram profile to drive traffic to your website
  3. How to survive the new Instagram algorithm and actually get your posts seen by your audience
  4. The perfect blend of photos, videos and images/graphics that will capture attention
  5. How to use videos in Instagram (and some tools to capture/edit them)
  6. How to sync your Instagram account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts for easy cross-posting
  7. Creative ways to attract new followers to your Instagram profile

If you are ready to finally tackle this topic, click here to register for the FREE presentation (release date: April 27, 2016), “Using Instagram to Market Your School”.

Spring Webinar Series