It’s summertime!

So how does your social media presence thrive during these few months when there are so many people in your office on vacation?  Perhaps as the headmaster or the chief admissions officer, you imagine working shorter work weeks to enjoy more 3-day weekends with the family at the lake, beach or on the golf course.  Or you are planning that family vacation and your spouse has threatened you with your life if don’t learn to put down the iPad during your day at Disney.  While every school marketing professional needs refreshment and renewal, do not let your absence have a negative impact on your social media presence.

Just because you are not there, doesn’t mean that prospective families have stopped looking. Do not go missing in action!

When your mind is in summertime mode and perhaps you are having trouble figuring out what kinds of things to post, consider some of the following ideas that I shared in this guest post:

It’s Summertime: Who’s In Charge of Your Social Media?

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