7 Reasons Your Email Marketing Doesn't Work

Email marketing can and should be a critical tool in your enrollment marketing strategy.  But for many schools, email marketing is ineffective leading many to say “email marketing is dead.”  Let me suggest that email marketing as a tool for nurturing leads, informing and educating audiences, and driving traffic to a website is alive and well.   In this series about email marketing for schools, let me suggest 7 reasons your email marketing is not working:

  1. It is hard to read.
  2. It is boring and filled with old news.
  3. It has bad pictures that are too small.
  4. It is only for current families.
  5. It is written for everyone so most of it doesn’t apply.
  6. It is only self-promotional, rather than informational.
  7. It comes out at random times.

Let me suggest 2 basic solutions in this first part of the series on email marketing:

  • ASK – On your website, Twitter feed, Facebook, and in as many face-to-face communications you have, ask people to sign up.  Also put easy navigation on all of your printed materials (make an easy-to-remember URL like “yourschoolmarketing.com/newsletter” that people will recall easily).  Around our own site, we are adding more and more opportunities to sign up for our free school marketing newsletter.  You’ll notice from time-to-time, we have a call-to-action in a notification banner at the top of our website that also invites school marketing newsletter signup.  Of course you can also embed the links right into your various blog posts where you talk about your school newsletter (see how I’ve done this 4x already in this paragraph – a little over-the-top but I’m trying to illustrate a point.)
  • RIGHT DESIGN – most email marketing systems, like MailChimp or Constant Contact, are easy-to-read on mobile devices and on desktops.  With customizable templates, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to use a service like this, especially since they are very affordable!  I subscribe to a lot of newsletters and it’s amazing how the poor design immediately leaves me frustrated and clicking away.

In an upcoming article, I will add to the best practices in growing your email list and making it a productive tool in your marketing!

– Randy

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