Facebook changes in 2018

Early in January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, made a major announcement about upcoming changes to the Facebook newsfeed.

The main theme: getting Facebook back to being more about connecting people with one another than a newsfeed cluttered with public content from sources like business pages who want to broadcast to us.

The main group this seems to hurt the most:  businesses or organizations (including schools) who have Facebook pages and are constantly trying to garner traffic from Facebook by frequent posting of videos, graphics, links, photos, etc.

Immediately, everyone panicked. “Facebook is dead to us,” some cried out. “Marketers are out of a job,” others said. The funny thing is that while professionally we might have a tendency to hate the changes, personally, we all probably prefer Facebook to declutter itself.

So how do these changes impact schools and school marketers like yourself?

Well, here’s our take. Facebook is in the business of making this work. They have shareholders and they have a gazillion users. So they are simply making adjustments. The sky has fallen before with Facebook changes, so this is no different. While some of the announced (or hinted) changes are pretty challenging and will definitely change the way school use this platform, there will still be significant ways you will be need to be present on Facebook representing your school. It will just be different until the next round of “sweeping changes” comes along!

To give time for the dust to settle, time for rumors to stop flying around, and time for everyone to watch the very early real impact these changes are going to have on school Facebook pages, we are announcing a webinar to review the changes with you and provide highly effective, practical solutions for your school’s Facebook strategy.

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